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Aprenda nesse curso que habilidades desenvolver e
como você pode impulsionar sua carreira e fazer uma
diferença positiva no mundo.

Courses for volunteering

The objective of our courses, classes and LIVEs is to train global citizens, engaged and prepared to transform realities through social actions.


If you have a basic or advanced interest in social and humanitarian areas, there is definitely a VV Course for you!


How to be a conscious volunteer, acting in emergency situations, filming a social action, creating an NGO… There are several topics for all types of profiles and training.

Get free and unlimited access to all Humanitarian Content developed by VV: Courses, lives, e-books, podcasts and online meetings.

    Get free and unlimited access to all Humanitarian Content developed by VV: Courses, lives, e-books, podcasts and online meetings.

    Courses at Vvolunteer

    Come and learn how to become a volunteer with Vvolunteer! Here, you will find several types of volunteering courses to help you make a difference in the world alongside several experienced professionals.


    The purpose of our courses and lives is to train global and engaged citizens who are prepared to transform the reality of many through humanitarian aid. So, if you are interested in social and humanitarian fields, there is a perfect VV course for you!

    Humanitarian action

    Our humanitarian action courses are for you who want to transform the world with your actions. In the courses, it is taught that each of your attitudes can make a big difference in the reality of the other.

    social career

    Do you know how volunteering can change your professional life? We have several courses that help you understand this relationship and how this knowledge impacts the daily lives of those who volunteer to help others.

    Social Communication

    Communication plays a great role in volunteering, as it brings more information and educates those who have not yet had contact with the world. All this and much more, you learn in our VV courses. In this way, we train you to become more awared citizen and ready to change the reality of our society.


    Do you have questions about conflicts in the world and how you can help? At Vvolunteer, you can find courses that will help you “dive into” this universe and learn how a simple contribution can be immeasurable for someone in need.

    Come make a difference in the world with us!

    Vvolunteer is a humanitarian aid platform that helps thousands of people who want to become volunteers. If you have this dream and want to contribute, be part of our community.

    Here, you can help thousands of humanitarian causes without leaving home and even learn about what it's like to be a volunteer with our volunteering course. Log in and see how you can make a difference.

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