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VV Academy Online Mentorship Program (for all areas)

VV Academy Online Mentorship Program (for all areas)


VV Academy Online Mentorship Program


Mentoring is a term generally used to describe a relationship between a less experienced individual, called a mentee, and a more experienced individual known as a mentor for the purpose of promoting a personal and professional development strategy. 


    Studies show that individuals who are mentored are more likely to succeed in their careers as a result of the support they receive from their mentors. Through the process of self-knowledge and a variety of approaches to Mentoring, it is possible to provide a multitude of benefits to the participants of the Mentoring Program - VV Academy. In addition to having the chance to expand your network and contacts, due to the sharing of the Mentor VV Academy's own circle of connections  with their mentees. 



    The VV Academy Mentorship program has as pillars: professional development and self-discovery. Through specific explanations, content adapted to each case and personalized assessments, we help anyone who wants to reconcile professional goals and life purpose. Whether through strategic repositioning, career transition or discovering new ways of acting, Mentoria VV Academy guides its students to find the best tools to make a difference in the world of social entrepreneurship. 


    - 1st month: Pre-mentoring with 2 individual 1-hour meetings (online) in the self-knowledge stage with psychologists.


    - 2nd month: 4 meetings (online)  1-hour individual sessions between mentee and mentor.


    -3rd month: 1 online supervision with mentor after preparing the action plan.



    André Fran:


    He is a director, writer and speaker. Best known as one of the creators and presenters of the series “Não Conta lá em Casa”, by Multishow (GLOBOSAT) and also of the recently launched GloboNews program, “Que mundo é esse?”. In these programs, Fran travels with three other friends to the most controversial and unusual destinations on the planet, which has taken him to North Korea, Haiti, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kenya, among others, where he met several projects and organizations. humanitarian. Fran also collaborates with O Globo, Viagem & Turismo, Trip, Vizoo, VICE magazines and released her first book through Record publishing house in 2013 (“A journey through the most controversial destinations in the world”). In addition, he presents lectures about his experiences in schools, universities, companies and events such as the renowned TEDx. Fran is a co-founder of Volunteer Vacations.  


      Alice Ratton:


    Chemical Engineer graduated from PUC-Rio (2008), social entrepreneur, Master in Chemistry with emphasis on renewable energy processes from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME, 2012,) PhD  from COPPE/UFRJ in Transport and Environment Planning. He worked for TRANSPETRO in the technical-operational area of pipelines and for Gaia in the commercial area of oil. In 2008, she joined Ernst & Young's sustainability area as a risk management consultant. In 2012, she joined LVA where she worked as an engineer in sustainable urban development projects and is now a consultant in urban sustainability. Alice is co-founder and CFO of Volunteer Vacations. 


    Mariana Serra


    She is the creator and co-founder of Volunteer Vacations (VV), has a degree in International Relations (ESPM-RJ), was an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luiz Felipe Lampreia contributing to the development of papers focused on geopolitics and foreign trade. She is passionate about travel, has lived in New Zealand and Tahiti where she intensified her involvement with humanitarian actions. He was working as institutional relations at Andrade Gutierrez when he decided to quit his job and create VV. She has worked as a volunteer since she was young and has worked in social and humanitarian projects in Haiti, India, Thailand, Costa Rica, USA, Brazil, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nicaragua and worked in refugee camps in the Middle East, in Lebanon and Jordan. She is co-author of the book Young Entrepreneurs, leaders of Brazil that works, by the publisher Leader. Mariana entered the list of 30 BELOW 30, by the renowned Forbes magazine as one of the most promising young women in Brazil under 30 years old. 


    Thiago Almeida:


    Doctor in Business Administration from Instituto COPPEAD / UFRJ, Master in Business Administration from Instituto IAG –PUC Rio de Janeiro and Bachelor in Business Administration from ESPM –RJ. He is the founder of Social Business Startup, Vem Gerir. Entrepreneur since he was 17 (seventeen) years old, he has already created and developed companies in the industrial food, restaurants, technology and education sectors. He was an executive at L'Oréal Brasil for 5 (five) years, where he led projects in the areas of Marketing, Trade Marketing, Commercial Intelligence and New Business. He was responsible for the project to develop and expand the sales channel oriented to the base of the pyramid market under the Matrix brand. For this project, he received the 1st place in the Innovation Award of the L'Oréal Brasil Beauty Shaker Awards in 2012. He has international experience, having worked at L'Oréal France in 2009, when he was responsible for the strategic monitoring of the American brands Matrix and Redken to Latin America, from the Paris office. He is a professor at the postgraduate level at ESPM Rio and a professor of entrepreneurship at the postgraduate level at IBMEC Rio. 


    Carolina Freire:


    Currently Advisor for Sustainable Development in Public Policies. Administrator and Project Manager with two international certifications: PMD-Pro, in Social Development Project Management by APMG International and PMP by the Project Management Institute. He recently completed the course in HumanRightsEducation from the UN University For Peace (UPEACE) and in Social Entrepreneurship from VolunteerVacations. More than 10 years of experience in project planning and control, including international projects, of high complexity in multinational telecommunications companies. Engaged with themes such as hunger eradication and female empowerment, through education, especially for girls in situations of social vulnerability. 


    Luise Magalhães Valentim:


    Consultant in Corporate Sustainability and Social and Environmental Responsibility. Environmental activist, intrapreneur and has more than 10 years experience in the third sector, with entrepreneurship and social impact businesses. Graduated in Environmental Engineering from Universidade Veiga de Almeida (UVA), she has already had experience in preparing documents required by environmental legislation (AA, EIA, RIMA, PEI, PBA, PGRS, licenses, etc.) at Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro - CDRJ, elaboration of contracts, products and technical cooperation agreements of the Municipal Basic Sanitation Plan (PMSB) of several Municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro by the State Environmental Institute - INEA, technically assisted in the elaboration of the Solid Waste Management Plan from Tom Jobim International Airport – Rio Galeão, was Environmental Consultant at Agrosuisse, working in the area of environment, environmental management, agroecology and sustainability and also Director of Sustainability at Somar, a conscious marketing company with an emphasis on sustainability. He attended the Lato Sensu Post-Graduation in Occupational Safety Engineering at the Polytechnic School of UFRJ.

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