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There are already dozens of deaths due to the rains in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Rains once again punish Rio Grande do Sul in what is considered one of the biggest floods in its history. ​

Just over 6 months after what was considered the second biggest flood in history, which occurred in September 2023, the rains are once again punishing the state with even more force. With levels exceeding 500mm of rain, which is equivalent to the accumulation of more than 3 months, around 250 municipalities are experiencing true calamities. ​

Vale do Taquari, the hardest hit in 2023, is going through an even worse situation. But unlike last year, all regions of the state are suffering from the rains. More than 90 sections of state and federal highways are closed. Bridges were broken, the asphalt gave way, forming real craters. Barriers fell on roads and left fatal victims. ​

Once again we need everyone. ​

To help at this time, Vvolunteer is raising funds to help with the initial phase of RS Emergency Humanitarian Aid in the cities of Muçum and Santa Tereza, in addition to the Porto Alegre Islands. After this phase, we enter a second stage, that of Structuring Humanitarian Aid, and we will soon discuss the main needs with the community.


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Note: The 25% of the donation is used for social and humanitarian administration, resource management, operational expenses and taxes and fees.

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