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Online Course: Tragedy Tourism

Online Course: Tragedy Tourism

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Understand what it is, some examples and how to make a conscious trip to a tragedy tourism destination.


    Passing through Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Rwanda and other destinations, professors André Fran and Alexandre Addor, analyze the impacts and care needed when exploring places that are explored according to the concept of "Tragedy Tourism". They are super interesting reports and personal impressions of their passages through these destinations, and also a presentation of concepts, care and postures that can serve any and any type of trip. How can (and should) your trip impact the reality of the place visited? How to apply these concepts in your humanitarian trip?


    • Concepts of this specific type of tourism
    • Conscious travel to sensitive destinations
    • Examples for practical notions
    • Measuring your impact as a tourist/traveler
    • Positives and negatives of traveling to destinations that have experienced tragedies

    Single recorded video that can be watched  any time.


    Alexander Addor: 


    Alexandre has a degree in International Relations (Bennett) and also studied History (PUC-Rio). He has lived in the United States, Norway, Serbia and Uganda. He did postgraduate studies in Peace Studies at Oslo University/Peace Research Institute of Oslo, two more in Conflict Transformation at FLACSO/University of Massachusetts and at the UNESCO Chair in Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck/Peace & Mind Institute. He holds a Master's in Political Science (Violence and the State) from the University of Belgrade. In addition, he participated in courses and events at Harvard, at the Center for Comparative Conflict, at PUC-Rio/GSUM/Brics Policy Center. He also has experience in the Third Sector and the UN. He was Visiting Researcher at Victoria University – Kampala (Peace Missions) and at the University of Belgrade (Consolidation of Democracies). 


    André Fran:


    André is our co-founder, director, writer, speaker and co-founder of BASE#1 Filmes. One of the creators of the Não Conta lá em Casa series, of trips to the most controversial destinations in the world that took him to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, to participate in a UN mission in Haiti, in a humanitarian expedition to Japan after -tsunami and many other adventures. The series received awards (Best NET Travel Program and Best Reality from TV O Globo). Fran is also co-author and director of the Globo News program Que Mundo É Esse?, with which he went to the front line of the fight against the Islamic State, among other topics of equal relevance. Fran has already toured Brazil with her lectures, performing in schools, universities, companies, in a prison and in 4 editions of the renowned TEDx circuit. His first book “A trip to the most controversial destinations in the world” was released in 2013 by the publisher Record, and he has also collaborated with Avianca, Vice, Viagem & Turismo, Boa Viagem, Claudia magazine, Trip, Vizoo, among others.

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