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Online Course: How to be a Conscious Volunteer?

Online Course: How to be a Conscious Volunteer?


Understand how to identify a cause, how to be a conscious volunteer and how to work with respect during a social action.


    In this class, the social entrepreneur, social impact specialist and CEO of VV, Mari Serra, explains what volunteer work is, brings data and statistics. It brings a step-by-step guide on how you can start doing volunteer work and important concepts, such as Do no Harm , for you to act consciously and with respect. Understand how the beneficiary who has to be the center of the action is, understand how to practice the basic principles of humanitarian aid, also understand  what not to do. All this and much more for you to be a conscious volunteer.




    •  what is volunteering
    • How to identify a cause to volunteer
    • How to take action
    • The basics of humanitarian principles
    • Checklist when you go to the field 
    • Do's and Don'ts as a Volunteer

    Single, recorded video that can be watched at any time.


    Mariana Serra


    Mariana is a social entrepreneur, she is our creator and co-founder. She graduated in International Relations (ESPM-RJ) and specialized in Social Business at ACUMEN (USA). He was an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luiz Felipe Lampreia contributing to the development of papers focused on geopolitics and foreign trade. She is a postgraduate professor at PUC-RS Online. She is passionate about travel, has lived in New Zealand and Tahiti where she intensified her involvement with humanitarian actions. He was working as institutional relations for a multinational when he decided to reposition himself and idealized VV. She has worked as a volunteer since she was young and has worked in social and humanitarian projects and in refugee camps in more than 30 countries around the world. She is co-author of the book Young Entrepreneurs, leaders of Brazil that works, by the publisher Leader. He is a speaker participating in events such as TEDx and in lectures in Brazil and around the world. Mariana entered the 30 UNDER 30 list by the renowned FORBES magazine as one of the most promising young women in Brazil under 30 years old.  

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