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Online Course: Social Communication for Social Projects and Companies

Online Course: Social Communication for Social Projects and Companies


Learn the basic concepts and the importance of knowing how to implement and communicate the concern of your project or company with the social aspect.



With this VV Course you are now more prepared to embark on one of our  Humanitarian Journeys


    What is the impact and how should all the communication of a social project, an NGO or a company with social concern be developed? What are the benefits, care and how to implement this type of awareness internally and in the time to publicize actions and projects? And more, how to be concerned with social impact and legacy in a true and even organic way in your project/enterprise? As answers for these questions are in this VV Course taught by journalist and communicator, André Fran. A class almost like a basic tutorial to integrate social function into your communication.


    • How to develop a communication strategy for social projects
    • Communication focused on social as an asset of a brand/company
    • Managing teams and projects for the social area
    • Creation and coordination of communication with social objectives

    Single video recorded that can be watched  at any time.


    André Fran:


    André is our co-founder, director, writer, speaker and co-founder of BASE#1 Filmes. One of the creators of the Não Conta lá em Casa series, of trips to the most controversial destinations in the world that took him to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, to participate in a UN mission in Haiti, in a humanitarian expedition to Japan after -tsunami and many other adventures. The series received awards (Best NET Travel Program and Best Reality from TV O Globo). Fran is also co-author and director of the Globo News program Que Mundo É Esse?, with which he went to the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State, among other topics of equal relevance. Fran has already toured Brazil with her lectures, performing in schools, universities, companies, in a prison and in 4 editions of the renowned TEDx circuit. His first book “A trip to the most controversial destinations in the world” was released in 2013 by the publisher Record, and he has also collaborated with Avianca, Vice, Viagem & Turismo, Boa Viagem, Claudia magazine, Trip, Vizoo, among others.

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