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Live VV - How Much Does It Cost to Save the World?

VVolunteer é confiável?

If you are looking for a platform to experience volunteering, you can count on us! AVolunteerit is reliable and has several social projects for you to start engaging and making a difference with the more than 330 million people in need of humanitarian aid.


Here, you find a place to support and encourage you to contribute to humanitarian aid in different parts of the world. Not only that, but we also deliver a lot of knowledge to help you become a conscious citizen.


So, don't be in doubt anymore if VVolunteer is reliable! Learn more about our history and how all our types of volunteering work: projects, social actions and humanitarian courses. Come make the world better with us!

Who is VVolunteer?

VVolunteer is a social platform that is dedicated to the volunteer experience, helping thousands of people to go through social education and to engage in social projects and actions. We serve as a go-between for those who want to help and those who need help.

Our goal is to reach the greatest number of individuals and transform them, in addition to forming them into beings capable of generating social impact. In this way, changing the world and the people present in it.

For us, volunteering is more than a simple action, but a means to transform individuals. Therefore, those who are part of our VV Community have a specialized team ready to help them become a conscious citizen while helping the social projects they believe in.

VVolunteer is trusted not only by its mission, but by those who promote it. Our team is made up of experts with experience in social engagement, super prepared to support you at all times.

Quem é a VVolunteer?

Hand-selected social projects

Don't know how or where to start helping a social project? VVolunteer helps you find the best person to sponsor and start making a difference in someone's life.


On our platform, the names of several hand-picked social projects are available. Our team has researched, analyzed, cataloged and partnered with some of the most relevant projects in the world, thus providing a variety of humanitarian experiences to our associates.


After choosing a cause, you can let us help you! By being part of ourCommunity VV, you have experts to support and guide you on how and where to make your donation. 

But what about social actions? How are they selected?

Just supporting a cause isn't enough? Nothing! It's time to learn more about thehumanitarian actions— for Brazil and the world — that VVolunteer helps to organize and promote.


We help each of the participants, following all international safety standards, to become an aware and responsible citizen. In addition, we help you to create your own “Ação VV”: we provide all the necessary preparation and logistical support to support your cause.


By the way, what are the criteria for choosing our social actions? VV is based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and follows the regulations of The Sphere Handbook.

Humanitarian courses taught by experts

The feeling of wanting to help is there, but you still don't feel ready? We have courses to help you understand what volunteering is and how to use it to become a more aware and responsible citizen.


our auctions,coursesand lives are for you who are interested in social and humanitarian causes. Administered by subject matter experts and masters, we help you:


  • act in emergency situations;

  • film a social action;

  • create an NGO and much more.

Our mission has already reached thousands!

To understand if VVolunteer is reliable, how about knowing our numbers? Thus, it is possible to learn a little more about our social and humanitarian cause.


  • We help more than 20 countries around the world;

  • We support more than 30 projects;

  • We have over 450 donors;

  • We have more than 16,000 members in the VV Community;

  • We impact over 50,000 people worldwide.

Join VVolunteer and start making a difference

Now you know that VVolunteer is reliable! We are making room for the formation of conscious and responsible volunteers all over the world. So, join our VV Community and come and do your part for the good of the world.

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