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The world is watching with fright the unfolding of the WAR OF RUSSIA AGAINST UKRAINE and the humanitarian drama that is just beginning with this conflict. With the objective of positioning itself as a reliable channel to help in emergency scenarios in Brazil and in the world, VV activated its contacts and put this page on the air. Here you will be able to watch the Live VV we made about the war and better understand the scenario, you can make a DONATION and help ensure the safety of both REFUGEES and INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE  (IDP) of this tragedy.

For this mobilization, VV and ISIC Brasil, the only recognized student identity in the world, came together to help this humanitarian crisis.

Our contacts on the ground in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine, through official social projects, will use part of the donations to guarantee reception, dignity and shelter for the Ukrainian refugees who keep arriving in neighboring countries.


At the same time, a team of humanitarian partners on Ukrainian territory will receive part of the donations to help with security, transport, protection and support for internally displaced people from the conflict who have not yet found a safe place to stay.

In times of emergency, many relief initiatives appear around the world. It's important to find serious and professional projects because, as we always explain, poor humanitarian aid can get in the way of extremely sensitive scenarios. If you choose another way to help, make sure it is an institution capable of doing so.


According to the UN, at the moment alone there are more than 4 million people seeking refuge or internally displaced as a result of this war. Poland concentrates the majority, 2 million in total, and 300 thousand are in the Czech Republic.  Your help can help a lot!

Your donation will help ALIVE CARE in the Czech Republic, FUNDCJA in Poland and humanitarian group initiatives for the Humanitarian Corridor in Ukraine.

Choose a value and make a difference with VV.

* You can also help by sharing our link on your social networks:

* Donors will receive a thank you email and a periodic donation report.

* You can follow our performance on VV's networks ( @vvolunteer_br ).

Obs: Os 25% da doação são utilizados para administração social e humanitária, gestão de recursos, despesas operacionais e impostos e taxas.

Watch Live VV and the USA vs Russia: Rivalry for Spheres of Power Course to better understand the conflict.

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