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VV Live - War in Ukraine

VV Live - War in Ukraine


VV brought together a group of experts in international politics, humanitarian crises, refugees and international law and we will bring you an overview of the war in Ukraine and its consequences.


    In addition to seeing and reviewing this  Live special that VV recorded, you still know how to help the biggest victims of this tragedy.


    • History of Russia/Ukraine Relations
    • Laws in War / War Crimes
    • Humanitarian Issue and Refugees
    • Acting in humanitarian crisis scenarios
    • Direct reports from Poland and emergency aid on the ground

    LIVE recorded and can be watched at any time.


    Alexander Addor:


    Alexandre has a degree in International Relations (Bennett) and also studied History (PUC-Rio). He has lived in the United States, Norway, Serbia and Uganda. He did postgraduate studies in Peace Studies at Oslo University/Peace Research Institute of Oslo, two more in Conflict Transformation at FLACSO/University of Massachusetts and at the UNESCO Chair in Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck/Peace & Mind Institute. He holds a Master's in Political Science (Violence and the State) from the University of Belgrade. In addition, he participated in courses and events at Harvard, at the Center for Comparative Conflict, at PUC-Rio/GSUM/Brics Policy Center. He also has experience in the Third Sector and the UN. He was Visiting Researcher at Victoria University – Kampala (Peace Missions) and at the University of Belgrade (Consolidation of Democracies).



    André Fran:


    André is our co-founder and CCO. He is also a journalist, director and TV presenter. Fran was one of the creators of the Não Conta lá em Casa series, of trips to the most controversial destinations in the world, such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and with which he participated in a UN mission in Haiti, a humanitarian expedition to Japan post-tsunami and many other reports. The series received awards (Best Travel Program - NET and Best Reality TV - O Globo). Fran is also co-author and director of the Globo News program Que Mundo É Esse, with which he went to the front lines of the fight against ISIS, among other topics of equal relevance. Fran has already toured Brazil with her lectures, performing in schools, universities, companies, in a prison and in 4 editions of the renowned TEDx circuit. His first book “A journey to the most controversial destinations in the world” was released by the publisher Record, and he has also collaborated with brands such as Avianca, Adidas, Luftansa, Four Seasons, Reserva among others.



    Carolina Freire:


    Administrator, project manager with international certifications, PMP and PMD-Pro. More than 10 years in highly complex project management, with international experience in reviewing processes and changes in multinationals and in public authorities, acting in the governance of strategic projects in organizations. Currently a project manager for humanitarian aid and social development, as well as a consultant for the National Front of Mayors, for matters related to the means of implementing the UN 2030 Agenda in the transversality of public policies. Professor of humanitarian concepts and social development, she has worked in humanitarian actions, in the management of multidisciplinary teams, in the Sertões do Brasil (PE, PI, AL), Amazon, Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro, Tanzania and Uganda, in Africa.



    Mariana Serra:


    Mariana is a social entrepreneur, she is our creator and co-founder. She graduated in International Relations (ESPM-RJ) and specialized in Social Business at ACUMEN (USA). He was an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luiz Felipe Lampreia contributing to the development of papers focused on geopolitics and foreign trade. She is a postgraduate professor at PUC-RS Online. She is passionate about travel, has lived in New Zealand and Tahiti where she intensified her involvement with humanitarian actions. He was working as institutional relations for a multinational when he decided to reposition himself and idealized VV. She has worked as a volunteer since she was young and has worked in social and humanitarian projects and in refugee camps in more than 30 countries around the world. She is co-author of the book Young Entrepreneurs, leaders of Brazil that works, by the publisher Leader. He is a speaker participating in events such as TEDx and in lectures in Brazil and around the world. Mariana entered the 30 UNDER 30 list by the renowned FORBES magazine as one of the most promising young women in Brazil under 30 years old.



    Raul Aragão:


    Explorer, photographer, creative director and conservationist. Traveled for years as a digital nomad, carrying out projects for 500+ brands. Experience with photojournalism in crisis scenarios and acting as a photographer and activist in scenarios such as the Rohyngia refugee crisis in Bangladesh, Iraq among others.

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