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Medical Expedition Sertão Piauí VV + Dharma R$3,760.00

Medical Expedition Sertão Piauí VV + Dharma R$3,760.00



Medical expedition Sertão Piauí VV + Dharma*


* Before making the payment, please fill out this form  form to check vacancy availability.


Come  live the experience of being a volunteer in one of the most inhospitable regions of Brazil and see how it is possible to directly help the Brazilian Sertão.


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    This Medical Expedition VV is a group humanitarian action that proposes the following action:

    In the field will be detected low complexity cases to be treated, chronic and more complex cases will be forwarded e to give due treatment_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_seguimento58d . Through a diagnosis, diseases that require PDT (out-of-home treatment) will be identified to the large center of patients  -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_that they will be able to continue the treatment and follow-up to improve their prognosis. Other patients will receive guidance to prevent acute and basic pathologies such as: Anemia, Verminoses, Candidiasis, Leucorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Arterial and Systemic Hypertension.


    The Dharma Institute has a state-of-the-art Portable Ultrasound, from the Canon Medical brand, for use in its expeditions, taking technology and facilitating the diagnosis of patients in the field. In addition, the Institute also has a box of eye tests, for use by the Ophthalmologist who will work on the Expedition.


    A pharmacy will be set up in the field, so that patients have access to the beginning of their treatments, since many of them are not able to buy medicines.


    We will do a training with our volunteers to explain all the activities that we will develop on site.


    Before making the payment, please contact Lucia Laste, through the email below, to check the availability of vacancies.



    Our action will be in Serra do Inácio, in the municipalities of Betânia do Piauí and Barro Vermelho, in Paulistana-PI. The region has for years concentrated some of the worst human development indices (HDI) in the country. An example of this is the city of Acauã, where two VV expeditions have already been carried out. Emancipated from Paulistana 25 years ago, the city was the second poorest in Brazil. According to IBGE data from 2018, only 4.3% of the Acauãnense population has a formal occupation.


    The entire region is marked by sertaneja, quilombola and indigenous culture, a fact evidenced and proven by most of its population, mostly rural, spread across villages and quilombos without basic infrastructure. In the last seven years, the international organization Iris Global, a reference in human and social development work in Africa and Asia, arrived in Piauí and established itself there.


    Currently, in partnership with Instituto Água Viva, an organization from Espírito Santo focused on the social transformation of the Brazilian hinterland, complementary education, art, sports and income generation projects are carried out, in addition to the occasional offer of a medical-dental van, which circulates between municipalities in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco and Piauí.


    On this expedition, for 9  days we will take specialized care and the most advanced medicine to places of extreme need.


    In the VV – Dharma Expedition you will be able to act and be a participatory volunteer in our mission that begins on June 16, 2021, and still receive a certificate of completion.



    Above all, we believe. That each and every person is a transforming agent of their surroundings, conscious or not of this fact. That everyone has to make themselves available for constant learning and the search for individual existential truth, so that we can collectively evolve in a harmonious, responsible and ethical way. That by making people's access to decent conditions of existence possible, we contribute to our own existence, to that of ours and of generations to come. For we are all “ONE” with the universe, inextricably united by the same energy that permeates everything, whether matter, thought or action. That promoting the independence and self-sustainability of disadvantaged communities is the only way to guarantee the abundance and prosperity of human beings, generating material and immaterial resources, essential for their development and their long-term subsistence. That reconnecting man to nature, to the environment, is the most effective way to ensure care for the planet, its fragile systems and finite resources, while contributing to the physical and mental health of individuals. That access to education is a right for all and an essential driving force for building an egalitarian and fairer society. That contact with different cultures contributes to a more pluralistic view of the world, inclusive of differences in social class, age, gender, disability or ethnicity. That kindness and the common good must be at the forefront of every intention, of every action. Above all, we believe that we can actually be the change we want to see in the world. Believing that we share the same purposes, we await your response, hoping that we can be together on this path, of new and great challenges.


    hugs from us,

    ANDREI POLESSI Chief Executive Officer

    KARINA OLIANI Director Vice President

  • SDGs

    In order to generate a positive impact in a universal language, VV has the UN Sustainable Development Goals integrated into their respective strategic pillars and as decision-making. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global agenda adopted during the United Nations (UN) Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015 consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030.


    VV meets the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For programs in Brazil we work:


    - SDG 3: Health and Well-Being

    - SDG 10: Reduction of inequalities


    Thursday to Saturday: June 16th to 25th, 2022


    All must arrive by 5:30 pm on 06/16 in Petrolina, PE. The mission will take place in Sertão do Piauí, however the arrival airport is Petrolina, in Pernambuco, where we will travel for about 2 hours to Serra do Inácio. The return ticket must be purchased on 25/06 after 18:30h.


    • 06/16 – Arrival at Petrolina airport and departure to Serra do Inácio
    • 06/17 to 06/19 - Services in Serra do Inácio
    • 06/20 – Assistance in Serra do Inácio – After assistance, transfer to Paulistana
    • 06/21 - Day Off
    • 06/22 to 06/24 - Calls in Paulistana
    • 06/25 – Return home


    Before making the payment, please contact Lucia Laste, through the email below, to check the availability of vacancies.



    • All material to be used during the activities
    • All transfers and mission logistics
    • Transport on all days to activities
    • Team follow-up: Wellington Oliveira.
    • Accommodation for every day
    • Meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) Note: dinner is not included on days with hotel accommodation.
    • VV volunteer shirt
    • Support from the VV Team
    • Online training via video conference before boarding
    • Volunteer certificate
    • VV brochure with all instructions and information about the site and project
    • administrative fees
    • Airfare is NOT included, must be booked and paid for separately by the volunteer.




    Beatriz Natel:


    medical coordinator


    Physician graduated from UNISA (Universidade Santo Amaro), Treasurer of the current ABMAR management, certified by AWLS (Advanced Wilderness Life Support), ACLS and PALS, member of the WMS (Wilderness Medicine Society) and host of the ABMARcast. As a volunteer, she participated in missions in Roraima (2018), Amazônia (2019) and Sertão do Piauí (2020).



    Rachel Silva Ribeiro: 


    logistics coordinator


    Communicator, graduated from Belas Artes de São Paulo, post-graduated in Business Management, she worked with project management focused on advertising, but her passion for the world and sense of community, led her aptitude to social projects. She worked with homeless people, and social projects in São Paulo and France, and is now fully dedicated to the Dharma Institute.



    Wellington Fonseca:


    local coordinator


    He is the coordinator of Boutique de Sonhos. All will be present welcoming and guiding the activities.





    Vacancies open for:

    • 2 General professionals
    • 2 gynecologists
    • 2 pediatricians
    • 2 Dentists
    • 1 ophthalmologist 
    • 1 Dermatologist
    • 1 orthopedist
    • 2 General practitioners
    • 2 Health students
    • 1 ENT
    • 1 Psychology 
    • 1 sonographer 
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