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Hybrid course with field immersion in Sertão Paraibano

Hybrid course with field immersion in Sertão Paraibano


Hybrid course with field immersion Sertão da Paraíba


Exclusive VV Academy course on first aid in remote areas. Made by two professionals certified by the American Safety & Health Institute.


You what is first aid? Do you know what common sense is? What about the Good Samaritan Law? And how to make the decision to help when seeing an emergency? And when it is and remote zone how to do with existing resources?


There are several issues covered in this course, all designed so that you, from any profession and area, can feel safe and able to work in remote areas.


This course is made for any professional, it is not exclusive to health. All are welcome and if you already work or intend to work in remote areas, this is certainly the best training and with a great opportunity to go in the field alongside professionals in the backlands of our country.


At the end you will receive the American Safety & Health certificate  Institute!

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    It is an initiative by Brazilians with the aim of making a global impact through education. We broaden the perspective of the participants with an immersive experience that mixes the classroom with the experience of entrepreneurs guided by the purpose of projects that improve society, in addition to the theories and vanguard concepts in the business world.

    We show how volunteering and humanitarian aid are in the form of social technology of this system, incorporating into its DNA transformative activities that generate opportunities and changes in the social environment, seeking to transmute the collective consciousness of each individual through education. We connect companies, entrepreneurs, organizations and governments to help everyone, to develop social technologies and positively impact the lives of billions of people around the world.


    • The roles of humanitarian actors 
    • The UN and its various bodies 
    • non-violent communication 
    • Principles and Imperatives of Humanitarian Aid 
    • International Humanitarian Laws (Armed Conflicts Application)
    • Humanitarian Aid Concept
    • Local Processes and Reconciliation
    • Humanitarian Aid X Social Development 
    • Migration & Refuge
    • Agenda 2030 & SDGs
    • The concept of "Do No Harm"

    • The mistakes and successes of international organizations in the field

    • lessons learned

    • The difference between theory and practice


    There are 9 recorded online classes for you to watch whenever and wherever you are.

    In addition to the recorded classes, the course includes a live online pre-boarding class for immersion in Sertão da Paraíba.

    In-person classes in a remote area 04, 05 and 06 February 2022.



    STUDENTS MUST ARRIVE IN JOÃO PESSOA ON 11/04 UNTIL 1:30 PM, transport will be guaranteed to the hinterland for disembarkation by 1:30 PM. If you arrive the day before, the accommodation is at the student's expense and the meeting must be at João Pessoa airport. 


    Air transport is NOT  is included in the package.




    Luiz Vilanova:


    Physician graduated from Centro Universitário de Valença/RJ, specialist in Internal Medicine at Hospital Edmundo Vasconcelos/SP and Intensive Medicine at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein/SP. Postgraduate in Human Rights and Global Citizenship. He holds a specialist degree in Intensive Care from AMIB and an Advanced Course in Remote Area Medicine - Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS). And with an extension course on Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster at Harvard. He currently works in the oncology and neurology ICUs of Hospital 9 de Julho/SP. Volunteer at the VV Mission - Goiás with jaguars and VV Week - Ilha de Deus and Pernambuco hinterland with an emphasis on female empowerment. Participated in medical expeditions with the Instituto Dharma in Ceará and the hinterland of Pernambuco in partnership with VV, during the VV-Honduras Week, he provided medical care to the local population. He has already worked as a volunteer in activities in Jardim Gramacho/RJ (with VV and TETO), in São Paulo with ImaginaC and worked as a doctor at Hamburgada na Rua. Participated in the COVID-19 mission by MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières).


    Gustavo Soncini:


    Physician graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Mogi das Cruzes/SP, resident of general surgery at the Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa in São Paulo, and an Aspiring Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons. He holds an international certificate from the Advanced Course in Remote Area Medicine - Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS). He also works in emergency rooms at hospitals in Greater São Paulo. He participated in medical expeditions with the Dharma Institute in the Sertão do Piauí still as an academic (2016 and 2017) and also to the Sertão de Pernambuco, as a doctor in 2019, in partnership with VV. Participated in voluntary medical care for needy communities in telemedicine by SAS Brasil.


    • Access for 6 months to recorded classes
    • Certificate of Course Completion by the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)
    • Immersion in the Sertão da Paraíba (airfare not included)
    • Accommodation in a hotel with a shared room with up to 3 people
    • 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch)
    • Material for the entire course during the immersion
    • ASHI certified teacher accompanying the immersion
    • VV Academy certificate
    • VV shirt
    • Round-trip transportation from João Pessoa to Piancó
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