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Online Course: How to make a difference in emergency situations

Online Course: How to make a difference in emergency situations


How to make a difference in emergency situations


For those who want to acquire the initial knowledge to be able to act in the event of tragedies of different types.


    How many times have you come across images of tragedies on TV? Natural disasters, humanitarian crises... We feel compelled to try to make a difference and make our contribution, but how? The objective of this course with the CEO of VV, Mariana Serra, is to prepare any individual  so he can  contribute in some way in different types of tragedy situations. You will understand how to help effectively, when to offer your help, in what way and even identify when not to get involved is the best option. 


    • Introduction and Principles of Humanitarian Aid
    • Norms for social and voluntary actions
    • Risk dilution in humanitarian action (international standards)

    Single recorded video that can be watched  any time.


    Mariana Serra:


    Mariana is our founder and co-founder, she has a degree in International Relations (ESPM-RJ) and specializes in Social Business at ACUMEN (USA), she was an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luiz Felipe Lampreia contributing to the development of papers focused on geopolitics and foreign trade. She is passionate about travel, has lived in New Zealand and Tahiti where she intensified her involvement with humanitarian actions. He was working as institutional relations in a multinational when he decided to quit his job and create VV. She has worked as a volunteer since she was young and has worked in social and humanitarian projects in more than 30 countries around the world. She is a postgraduate professor at PUC-RS Online. She is co-author of the book Young Entrepreneurs, leaders of Brazil that works, by the publisher Leader. He is a speaker participating in events such as TEDx and in lectures in Brazil and around the world, such as the USA, Portugal, Italy, France, Kenya and Lebanon. Mariana entered the list of 30 BELOW 30, by the renowned Forbes magazine as one of the most promising young women in Brazil under 30 years old.

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