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Help by donating 10 blankets

Help by donating 10 blankets


All donations will be used to help homeless people during the Brazilian winter.


Want to better understand how we developed a humanitarian work with part of the donations? Watch the Course VV  How to Start a Humanitarian Social Response.  

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    Help homeless people during this cold front


    With global warming, climate crises are increasingly frequent and intense. proof of this is yet another record cold front that hits the entire Brazilian territory. There are torrential rains, unprecedented frosts, hail storms and record low temperatures in several states. And as VV always warns, in these moments of extreme situation, the most vulnerable population is even more exposed. At this moment, people on the streets live in a situation of unparalleled despair. While we protect ourselves by putting on an extra coat or hiding under a blanket, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians sleep in the open and, in many cases, literally freeze to death. 


    The Human Rights Council has already recognized the gravity of the extreme situation and recommended that the authorities take urgent action. But this is not always enough. These are people who have lost their jobs, who don't have enough to go home between one day of work, with mental health problems or going through difficult times in their lives. People like us without shelter or protection during a colder night in cities across the country. At the same time, in few situations a donation can make so much difference. For someone homeless during a cold night, your donation could be the difference between life and death.


    With a  VV , you choose an amount and your donation will be transformed into warm clothes, blankets... that will be sent through our partners to the places with the most need in different states of the country. You will receive a report on the impact of this action and you can follow how it was used by our social networks. 

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