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Help Kenya

Help Kenya


All donations will be used to help Kenya's Rebirth of a Queen .

  • Information:

    Rebirth of a Queen is a community initiative that takes place in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim is to create a safe space for young women, girls and children who suffer from gender-based violence. The project seeks to be a safe space for them to find healing, empowerment and psychological guidance.


    Rebirth of a Queen currently works on the following fronts:

    1. Emergency response to survivors of gender-based violence
    2. Long-term stay - up to 9 months for survivors
    3. Empowerment and capacity building project


    The project has already rescued more than 100 women and girls in the last two years and the biggest challenge has been accessing resources to run the Institution. They currently rely on voluntary donations and sustainable small businesses​ .


    Rebirth of a Queen dreams of expanding the space to welcome more women, set up their own day care, offer training and qualifications. Thus, the project helps these women have a better chance of becoming financially independent, which will allow them to be reintegrated into society without fear of being violated again.

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