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Help Ethiopia

Help Ethiopia


All donations will go directly to our partners  working to combat hunger in Ethiopia.


Want to better understand how we developed a humanitarian work with part of the donations? Watch the Course VV  How to Start a Humanitarian Social Response.  

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    Help fight hunger

    With a population of over 112 million, Ethiopia is the second most populous country on the continent and currently faces problems with drought and internal conflicts, causing around 30% of the population to suffer from hunger. More than 100,000 children are estimated to be at risk of death from malnutrition and more than 5 million people are in need of medical care, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

    With VV, you choose an amount and your donation goes directly to our partners and local leaders. You still receive an impact report of the action and can follow how it is being carried out through our social networks.


    Make a difference with VV!

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