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Help Baixada RJ

Help Baixada RJ


All donations will be used to help vulnerable families and children served by Instituto Amparando in Baixada Fluminense.


Want to better understand how we developed a humanitarian work with part of the donations? Watch the Course VV  How to Start a Humanitarian Social Response.  

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    Help families and children served by Instituto Amparando


    One of VV's partners,  the Instituto Amparando , has been working since 2017 in Nova Iguaçu to help educate and guide families and children in the Baixada do Rio de Janeiro.
    The institute's mission is to train citizens and promote actions that go beyond meeting their basic needs, generating social inclusion and emancipation . They offer basic food baskets,
    psychological, speech therapy, legal assistance and they also offer free professional training workshops to assisted families. For children, tutoring, recreational, cultural and leisure activities aimed at their development.  Altogether, 43 families and more than 90 children are served  every day by Amparando.


    Currently, the Institute has been facing difficulties to maintain itself and is at risk of closing its activities. Amparando is one of the only institutions established in this place that lacks social support of all kinds.  Our mission is to prevent this from happening.

    Through VV, you can make a donation helping these families and children not miss out on this opportunity for a better future.

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