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Help Baixada Fluminense

Help Baixada Fluminense


All donations will be used to help those affected by the floods in Baixada Fluminense. 


Do you want to better understand how we started and developed a humanitarian work with part of the donations? Watch the VV Course How to Initiate a Humanitarian Social Response.


*Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

  • Information:

    The rains in Rio once again caused sadness, leaving hundreds of people dead and homeless, this time the areas most affected were the region of Angra dos Reis and Baixada Fluminense. There are already more than 300 homeless people in the region.


    With the objective of positioning itself as a reliable channel to help in emergency scenarios in Brazil and in the world, VV in partnership with the NGOs Mundo Novo and Sim! Eu sou do meio, two institutions that work with the education and professionalization of young people in the Baixada Fluminense, intends to bring significant and qualified help to those who have lost their homes, goods and loved ones.

    After a careful curation of the projects, professional analysis of the scenario and through VV's humanitarian channel, we defined that donations at this emergency moment will be reverted to:

    - Logistics of delivery of basic food baskets;

    - Purchase of food, water, cleaning material and household items;

    - Restoration of the childcare center​


    In times of emergency, many relief initiatives appear around the world. It is essential to support serious, reliable and professional projects. As we always explain, poor humanitarian aid can get in the way of extremely sensitive scenarios. If you choose another way to help, make sure it has the seal of an institution capable of doing so.

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