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The biggest earthquake in Morocco
in more than a century!

About the campaign

A strong earthquake hit Morocco leaving more than 1,000 victims and thousands of injured!

The magnitude tremor6.8 was the strongest in the region in more than a centuryand hit the historic city of Marrakech, one of the most populous and visited in the country, and other nearby cities, causing terror.Many of the victims are in mountainous areas that are difficult to access. and there are several reports from people trapped in rubble in the most affected cities.

Morocco is a country withlittle adequate preparation for disaster or rescue situations in these proportions. Which makes every help extremelynecessary and important. Local authorities are already askingdonations in these first moments of the tragedy.

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Captura de Tela 2023-09-09 às 11.51.22.png
Captura de Tela 2023-09-09 às 11.51.29.png

Where will my donation go?

Nessafirst phase of the tragedy, the main needs are focused on theemergency aid, rescues, first aid, first needs for temporary shelter, water and food. But, as we know what happens in this type of situation, help throughdonation will be needed for a long timefor the treatment of victims and reconstruction of the areas that were affected. 


The resources raised by Vvolunteer will be allocated to our partner organization in the region, Cœur and Act, which will evaluate and apply them according to the needs of the moment. Our team is indirect contact with the location and we will send updates and our traditional impact reports.

Imagens: Alwiri Media

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